How To Take Pictures Of Jewelry With Phone? (16 Tips & Techniques With Jewelry Photos Editing Guidelines)

How To Take Pictures Of Jewelry With Phone?
How To Take Pictures Of Jewelry With Phone?

Jewelry is a glamorous product on display. You need to take the best pictures possible to make your jewelry pieces stand out. It is hard to take pictures of jewelry with phone for professional use. But if you don’t have any other option, then you are at the right place. 

In this article, you will learn about the best practices on how to take pictures of jewelry with phone. Besides, I will also share with you additional jewelry editing tips using mobile editing apps. Let’s hover down and get to know more about it.   

1. Essential Gear for Jewelry Photography

You need to have the right gear by your side to get the best jewelry photos. A tripod will take care of the clarity and precision of the pictures. Try out diverse backgrounds and props that offer versatility. Right gear for jewelry photography will help to highlight the elegance and craftsmanship of each jewelry piece.

Essential Gear For Jewelry Photography:

  • Tripod
  • High End Phone 
  • Props & Others 

2. Creating a Shot List

You need to have a clear idea of what will be the process of your phone jewelry photography. Start simply categorizing the jewelry pieces based on type, style, or theme. After that make different jewelry photography plans for each piece. 

Prioritize shots that align with brand identity and target audience preferences. Also, create a ghost list of different styles and trends. Capture an appealing image of your jewelry pieces with your phones in the right sequence. 

3. Editing with Phone Apps

After taking a picture of jewelry with your phone, you can also use an editing app to improve your image appearance.  Simple photo editing software can help you to enhance image quality, adjust brightness, contrast, and color balance. 

VSCO, Snapseed, and Lightroom apps allow advanced photo editing options. They have tools like adjustments, presets, and fine-tuning controls. But it is a better choice to avoid trendy filters of mobile apps.

Mobile Photo Editing App
Mobile Photo Editing App

4. Keep it stable and buy a tripod

You need to keep your phone stable to click clear and professional-looking photos. Get a tripod and eliminate shake that may lead to blurriness. Tripod stability ensures sharp images when shooting close-ups of small items like jewelry pieces. 

But it is not always the must-have choice on hand. You may noy have the budget to purchase a tripod for your jewelry photoshoot. Instead, you always have the option to work with a smartphone with better stabilizer. 

5. Use Proper Lighting

The importance of lighting in jewelry photography cannot be overstated. The outcome of the jewelry image is directly connected with the lighting setup you are using for your project. Sunlight offers natural warmth and richness, but it is essential to avoid harsh direct sunlight and evening lighting for clearer shots. 

Instead, you should go with the soft diffused light near a window to enhance details without overwhelming the subject. Try to avoid flash lights because it tends to flatten images and obscure close details. Choose the right lighting while taking pictures of jewelry with your phone to add depth to the jewelry photos. 

6. Keep your distance

Right distance is important when you take pictures  of jewelry with phone. Otherwise, you will face problems with the focus of the image. Avoid getting too close to the subject as it can limit the camera’s ability to focus and reduce image quality. 

If you wish to take close-up shots with minimal distance then you need to use the macro lens of the image. It will give you a sharp image from a suitable image. Smartphones without macro lenses are not so good with close-up jewelry photography.  

7. Don’t use the zoom

Zooming is not always the right choice when you are working with jewelry pieces. It will often compromise the quality of the image. In most phones, you will see a zoom feature but that should not be used when working with jewelry images.   

Zoom manipulates the pixels so the close details of an image are lost. So, it is better to avoid the zoom function altogether. Physically move close to the subject or use the macro lens. Get crisp jewelry images at every click.  

8. Use a macro lens  

Taking pictures of jewelry with phones gets easier after the introduction of macro lenses on smartphones. A macro lens enables you to capture close-up shots with exceptional clarity and precision. 

The phone macro lens allows you to capture images with increased magnification and focus. It enables you to bring out the finest elements of your jewelry. Click professional jewelry photography with your phone

Jewelry Macro Shots
Jewelry Macro Shots

9. Stay in focus

Maintain a sharp focus for clicking jewelry images with phone. Tap the screen to focus precisely on the area you want to highlight. It will ensure both the foreground (jewelry) and background remain crisp

Position the camera at a proper distance to avoid blurriness and maximize clarity. Besides, you already know that you need to avoid zooming in on the screen.It will ensure that your jewelry photos are sharp, detailed, and visually striking.

10. Take lots of photos

When it comes to taking pictures of jewelry with your phone, you need to click lots of photos. Take images from different angles so that the work gets easier on the post-production stage. Quantity may often lead to quality. 

Experiment with various angles, lighting setups, and compositions to discover the most appealing images. You need to understand that not every shot will be flawless. Use your phone’s features like burst mode to swiftly capture multiple shots.

Click Multiple Jewelry Image
Click Multiple Jewelry Image

11. Use simple backgrounds

Even with phone jewelry photography, simple backgrounds look better. The minimalist setting helps to take the center stage. Besides, it is also a best practice to avoid cluttered backgrounds because that may cause distraction. 

Solid colors provide a clean backdrop. It will also ensure that the focus remains squarely on the closeup details of the jewelry. By keeping the background simple and unobtrusive, you create a visually pleasing composition for the jewelry pieces.

12. Clean and polish your jewelry

Before photographing your jewelry, you need to ensure it is clean and polished. Remove any dust, fingerprints, or smudges. Otherwise, it may detract the jewelry appearance. Even minor imperfections like scratches or tarnishes can diminish the overall presentation. 

You can also use a soft lint-free cloth to gently clean and polish each piece. It will take care to buff away any dull spots. In this way, you will be able to present your jewelry in the best way possible. 

13. Place your jewelry on the riser

Position your jewelry on a riser before photographing to ensure stability and versatility. A flat and even surface like a riser offers a secure base. It allows you to capture shots from various angles with ease. 

This setup provides flexibility in composition and presentation. Use your phone as the photography tool and present different sides of your jewelry pieces effectively. In this way, you will create a professional and polished look in your photographs.

14. Consider the platform

When photographing your jewelry with phone, you should also consider the platform where the images will be used. Based on that, you will make changes to your photography styles and requirements. 

Product listing on your website demands more professional looking jewelry images. On the other hand, you need to click glamorous images for social media platform jewelry photos. It will help you to get more engagement on your social handles.  

15. Gain inspiration

You can always take inspiration from top jewelry photographers’ work. Jewelry photography ideas using smartphones are rare. You can check out works of professionals platforms like Len Flash and try to find your creative spot for phone jewelry photography. It will be hard to create quality like top jewelry photographers using a mobile phone. 

The camera sensor area will always be a better choice for professional photography. But photos of jewelry using smartphones are not much at the back end. New smartphone camera tech will break new boundaries every single day. 

16. Practice Mobile Jewelry Photography

You need to be experimental when you are working with phone jewelry photography. Experiment with various techniques and lighting setup to find the best way to photograph jewelry using a smartphone. 

Take the time to familiarize yourself with your phone’s camera features and settings. Practice shooting in different environments and conditions to adjust to various challenges. With time, you will start to produce professional pictures of jewelry with phone

How to Edit Photos on the iPhone?

Editing photos on the iPhone allows you to refine your images directly on your device. The phone has built-in editing tools and third-party apps available. You can transform your photos into stunning works of art. Let’s check the step-by-step guide on how to edit photos on your iPhone.

  1. Open the Photos app and choose the photo you want to edit.
  2. Tap the “Edit” button at the top right corner of the screen to access the editing tools.
  3. Use the basic editing tools like cropping, exposure, and color correction to fine-tune your photo’s overall appearance.
  4. Explore the available filters and effects to add style and mood to your photo.
  5. Use tools like contrast, saturation, and sharpness to enhance specific aspects of your photo.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with the edits, tap “Done” to save your changes.
  7. For more advanced edits, consider downloading third-party editing apps like VSCO or Adobe Lightroom.

Special iPhone Photography Tips For Jewelry

Captivating jewelry photos with your iPhone requires a blend of technique, creativity, and attention to detail. Ensure your images stand out with clarity and brilliance. Consider these iPhone photography tips specifically for jewelry.

  • Achieve proper sharpness and brightness by mastering the focusing and exposure controls on your iPhone camera. 
  • Experiment with zooming to frame your shots effectively and maintain the integrity of your jewelry’s composition. 
  • Explore the video settings on your iPhone for capturing jewelry in motion. 
  • Harness the power of diffused natural light to illuminate your jewelry with flattering light. 
  • Enhance your jewelry photos further with the help of editing apps like Snapseed or Lightroom. 

Quick Tips on Marketing and Labeling Jewelry Photos

If you are planning to click jewelry images for ecommerce marketing, then you need to do more than clicking the best jewelry images. Marketing and labeling are important to make your jewelry business grow with time. Here are some quick tips to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for jewelry photos.

  • Create titles for your jewelry photos that include descriptive keywords relevant to the piece.
  • Provide descriptive alt text for each image with the right keywords. 
  • Adjust image sizes to ensure quick loading times on your website. 
  • Stay updated with industry trends and techniques to continuously improve your jewelry photo marketing technique.
  • Experiment with different photography styles, lighting setups, and compositions.
  • Seek inspiration from other photographers and jewelry brands.


Jewelry photography with a phone opens up a world of possibilities for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Nowadays, anyone can use their phone and capture stunning jewelry images. 

You already know the right way of taking pictures of jewelry with phone. Experiment with composition, lighting, and editing as per your taste. Stay with us for more updates about jewelry photography.

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