Necklace Photography Ideas : How to Showcase Your Jewelry with Style and Elegance?

Necklace Photography Ideas
Necklace Photography Ideas

Necklace wraps around the neck in an elegant fashion. New necklace photography ideas are essential to tell a meaningful visual story to the audience. Props, light setting, background and many other small details come together to make the best necklace photographs.

In this article, you will get to know about 16 different necklace photography ideas. Each style will open countless new choices for you.  Let’s hover down and take some inspiration and tips for your next necklace shoots. 

1. Neutral Background

Minimalistic is the new trend for all types of products displayed. The neutral background choice helps you to place the main focus on the necklace only. Clean and plain backdrop will avoid unwanted distractions for the necklace. 

White, beige and gray is often considered the first choice for a minimalistic backdrop option. Besides, you can also create and try out your own ideas. Check out the SK Jewelry platform for inspiration. 

Necklace in Neutral Background

2. Nature Close-up

Natural close up shots set the tone for vivid and organic texture. The setting will photograph the necklace from a close range and emphasize the true beauty of the jewelry. Vibrant flowers, lush leaves and textured bark is always great for necklace photography ideas. 

Macro photography is always in the top selection when you need necklace backdrop ideas. Enhance the sparkle and combination of the jewelry with the right natural props. Try to keep the natural combination for the necklace in a more fresh appeal. 

Necklace Natural Close up

3. Mirror Reflection 

Reflection on mirrors is always visually charming for product images. Necklace also falls into the same affection for new necklace photography ideas. Place the necklace on a clean, and scratch-free mirror. It will help you to get a sharp and clear reflection. 

Make sure you are working with diffused soft lighting to avoid harsh shadows and glare. Experiment with angles to capture both the necklace and its reflection. This photography technique will present the necklace in a different perspective. 

Necklace Mirror Reflection

4. Different Angle Shots

You need to play with the angles of different shooting modes. Start with a classic straight-on shot to capture the overall look. You can also experiment with side angles to highlight the thickness of the necklace. 

Close-up shots can focus on unique features like gemstones or chain links of the jewelry piece. For a more detailed perspective, you can try out the overhead angle. Different angle shots will give your potential buyers a better understanding of the piece.

Different Angle Shots

5. Wooden table

Necklace looks better with the warm and rustic aesthetic. Wooden tables always have a natural rustic look to it. Examine many different wooden tables before you pick the right one for your jewelry photography

It should have a rich texture so that the integrated character of the necklace becomes more glamorous to the audience. Soft morning or late afternoon light will go best with this style. Position the necklace carefully off the lines or patterns of the wood so that it stands out without being overshadowed. 

Necklace in Wooden Table
Source: @LUM3N

6. Necklaces with Models

Necklace photography ideas should always try out dynamic and human elements. It will allow viewers to envision how the jewelry might look when worn. Choose models whose features complement the style and aesthetic of the necklace. 

Work with professionals if you have the budget and try out different poses and expressions. Moods and emotions will play a key role when you choose models to display your necklace to the broader audience base.

Necklaces with Models
Source: @marymarkevich

7. Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes add an element of anticipation and luxury to the image. Choose a box that complements the style and color of the necklace. It can be a sleek modern design or a vintage piece. 

Place the necklace delicately on the velvet lining or satin cushion inside the box. The jewelry box is a meaningful option because it is a practical storage solution. This necklace photography idea set the feeling of unwrapping a special gift.

Necklace Inside Jewelry Box

8. In The Garden 

Photograph a necklace in a garden placement. The lush textures of nature will create an organic backdrop for you. Explore the garden’s variety of flora to find the perfect setting that complements the necklace’s style and palette. 

Winding vines and delicate petals always frame the necklace in a better shade. Garden is always a romantic setting for a jewelry piece. Invite the viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of jewelry and the natural world.  

Necklace In The Garden
Source: Dell.E 3

9. Sunset Glow

Photograph a necklace in a soft and golden glow of sunset. The warm tone of the sun will create an ethereal aura. Position the necklace to catch the last rays of sunlight. The warm hues of the sunset will enhance the necklace colors.

Experiment with different angles and lend a rich and luxurious tone to the composition. Capture the full beauty of the necklace against the mesmerizing backdrop of the setting sun. This setting will evoke a sense of romance and enchantment among many.  

Necklace Clicked at Sunset
Source: Dell.E 3

10. Antique Book 

Antique books can create a great prop to photograph a necklace. Choose a book with a worn, and textured cover. The aged pages will add depth and character to the jewelry pieces. Position the necklace gracefully across the open pages.

Soft lighting will go well with both the necklace and the book in a frame. The necklace and the antique book composition tell a story of a timeless arena. Add a layer of nostalgic romance to the composition. 

Ancient Book Backdrop
Source: Dell.E 3

11. Marble Slab

Necklace on the marble slab offers a luxurious and elegant presentation. Choose a marble slab with shades that complement the necklace’s design. The polished surface of the marble provides a sleek and reflective backdrop. 

Use natural lighting to accentuate the textures and contrasts between the marble and the jewelry. Position the necklace thoughtfully to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition. This setting will make the necklace appear even more exquisite and desirable.

Necklace On Marble Slab
Source: Dell.E 3

12. Silk fabric

Silk fabric is a symbol of luxury and elegance. Choose a silk fabric color that will compliment the necklace piece well. Besides, the fabric should also blend in a way so that the jewelry doesn’t get overpowered.  

We put the silk fabric on the necklace photography ideas option because it can catch the light beautifully as a backdrop. It will also create a glow effect to the composition. Be creative and gentle while you are arranging the silk fabric with the jewelry pieces. 

Necklace Over Silk Fabric
Source: Dell.E 3

13. Candlelight Props

Are you looking to capture your necklace in an intimate light? Well, candlelight is known to set a warm tone in a romantic scenario. Place one or more lit candles beside the necklace. The position should flicker a gentle glow on the pieces. 

The shadow will cast a romantic and timeless feel to the surroundings. You can also use a shallow depth of field to focus sharply on the necklace and the candle flames will provide a blurred background. This setting will evoke a sense of elegance and intimacy to the pictures. 

Candlelight and Necklace

14. Flower Petals

You will have lots of color options in flower petals. Garden can be a great backdrop for jewelry photography but you also have the option of petals in hand. They can be used to create a delicate and romantic setting around the necklace. 

Scatter the chosen flower petals and position the necklace in the middle. The soft texture will add a layer of charm to the clicks. Besides, there are also flower petal style necklaces out there. Flower petals style necklaces will be a gentle choice for you here.     

Flower Petals Props for Necklace
Source: @MiaBailon

15. Beach Backdrop

Seaside is a gentle choice for the necklace photographs. Beach sands can create a stunning backdrop for the jewelry.  Natural beauty of the seaside with the soft and warm light will enhance the necklace’s shine and color. 

Position the necklace on a piece of driftwood, a seashell, or on the sand to add texture and a natural element to the shot. The beach setting offers a serene, and relaxed vibe. You can choose this necklace photography idea to make your jewelry piece look luxurious.  

Beach Backdrop for Necklace

16. Vintage Backdrop

Necklace and vintage props together can create timeless and elegant highlights. You have the option to go with the antique mirrors and boxes. It will create a charm and history to the photography composition. 

The muted tones of vintage props will complement the necklace without overpowering it. Arrange the necklace in a way that draws the eye to its close-up points. These settings will add a sense of nostalgia and sophistication to the necklace.   

Necklace in Vintage Backdrop
Source: Dell.E 3

Tips To Capture The Best Necklace Pictures

The best necklace photography requires attention to details. You need to learn the creative ways to showcase your jewelry in the best light possible. Have a look at the necklace photography tips to take your photography to the next level. 

  • Choose the right background that complements the necklace without overpowering it.
  • The last hour before sunset is the golden hour for jewelry (necklace) photography. 
  • Capture the necklace from various angles and showcase the necklace design from various perspectives. 
  • Pay attention to symmetry, balance, and negative space.
  • Use props thoughtfully to create a meaningful theme for your necklace. 
  • After shooting, take care of the post-production process with extra care. 


You already know about different necklace photography ideas. Open up your world of creative possibilities for jewelry presentation. Experiment with settings, props, lighting, and composition to showcase these beautiful accessories in the best possible light. 

I tried to provide you with multiple props ideas for the necklace pieces. Expand the creative horizon and click jewelry pictures that resonate well with the viewers. Showcase your necklace pieces in a new and inspiring way to the audience base. 

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