10 Common Types Of Jewelry Pieces

Types of Jewerly Pieces
Types of Jewerly Pieces

Common types of jewelry pieces are the symbol of beauty, status and culture. They are the shinner of your natural beauty. Besides, they are also used to symbolize culture and your personal style trend. 

In this article, you will get to know about 10 different types of jewelry pieces. I will try to share with you the most commonly used jewelry pieces around the world. Let’s hover down and explore them further.  

1. Bracelets

Bracelets have been a well-known jewelry for centuries. They are crafted with different materials based on the regional demand. Each bracelet tells a story of a different culture altogether. For example, beaded bracelets are often associated with the bohemian theme. 

On the other hand, gemstone bracelets symbolize luxury and mystique. You have also other options like the bangle bracelets, and charms dangle. Bracelet photography also plays a major part to show self-expression and connection to the world.

2. Rings

Rings are known to be the timeless symbols of commitment and adornment. It can be a symbol of love and eternity for a couple. Each genre has different styles of rings on display. You will often see wedding rings dazzled with sparkling diamonds. 

Rock rings seem to be a little bulker with heavy engraving. The style of the rings will keep on changing based on the occasions. Each ring carries its own story and cultural traditions. The style of rings are always evolving with time.  

3. Earrings

Earrings are the shiner for your ears. Capture the attention of any audience with the right type of jewelry earrings. You will find them in all shapes, sizes and patterns. There is no borderline when it comes to the style choice of ear pieces. 

Besides, you will also see use of sand, metal, wood, glass and many materials in the making of these jewelry pieces. Earrings command attention for the audience. Best earring photography always whispers stories of culture, heritage, and self-expression.

Jewelry Pieces
Jewelry Pieces

4. Anklets 

Anklets give a sense of carefree charm and beachy vibes. It is crafted with delicate chains or charms. Ankles are used to share a subtle touch of femininity to any look. They will dance with every step, and create a soft tinkling melody.

Anklet’s rhythm has been part of drama for centuries. Modern anklet styles often add beads and gemstones to the jewelry piece. Anklets can be a great jewelry choice for lazy summer days or tropical getaways. 

5. Necklace 

Necklaces make a graceful look around the neck. It is a timeless expression of style and sophistication. Necklaces come in an array of designs to suit every taste and occasion. They frame the neckline with elegance.

Necklaces are combined with pendants to store symbolism and sentiment. You can choose necklaces from different styles like chic, bohemian, snake, curb and many more. They are known to be a cherished treasure and weaving stories of love.

6. Brooches

Brooches are timeless accents adorning lapels and garments. It is a jewelry piece to symbolize elegance and sophistication in man. You will find brooches with vintage cameos and modern statements. 

Add glamor to any outfit with the right brooches. Most often brooches are made up of crystals, enamel, or pearls.They can also be a versatile accessory to add a pop of personality to jackets, scarves, or even hats. 

7. Chains 

Chains are a versatile jewelry component. It serves as the backbone of many jewelry pieces. You will find rings in different designs that suit every taste. They are crafted from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

Besides, you will also find chains made with affordable materials like stainless steel or brass. Chains are the foundation for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. It also holds pendants, charms, and beads with effortless grace. 

8. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are small but impactful accessories. It helps to elevate the formal attire with a touch of sophistication and personality. These miniature jewels fasten the cuffs of dress shirts. It also adds a refined finishing touch to any ensemble. 

Cufflinks come in a variety of styles to suit every occasion and taste. Luxurious cufflinks use precious metals like gold and silver. Mid range cufflinks feature gemstones, and enamel. They are more than functional accessories.

9. Charms

Charms are tiny treasures from bracelets or necklaces. It holds immense sentimental value and personal significance. These whimsical adornments come in an array of shapes, symbols, and designs.

You have the option to go with lucky charms, custom-made creations, charms for memories, and aspirations. They may represent love, friendship, or milestones in life as per your preferences.

10. Nose Pins

Nose Pins are an ancient jewelry piece tracing back centuries. These tiny jewels come in simple studs to elaborate hoops. Each nose pin reflects regional traditions and personal preferences. It is worn mostly in South Asian cultures.

Nosepins symbolize beauty, femininity, and marital status. Besides, modern hip-hop culture also often uses nose pins to create a traditional culture vibe. Jewelry pieces like nose pins have timeless appeal and rich history. 


You already know about different types of jewelry pieces. Each jewelry has their own style, occasion and culture. Choose the right jewelry piece for your needs and express yourself in a new shade.

The list of jewelry is endless. You will always find something new to try on. But these 10 are the most commonly used jewelry pieces around the world. Photographers can also check our jewelry photography ideas blogpost for some more ideas. 

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