10 Critical Common Mistakes in Jewelry Background Removal

Common Mistakes in Jewelry Background Removal
Common Mistakes in Jewelry Background Removal

Best jewelry presentation depends on multiple things. Even the best editor might end up with a bad quality jewelry image, if he/she doesn’t know the best practices for jewelry background removal. 

In this article, you will get to know some of the common mistakes in jewelry background removal. It will help you to avoid jewelry background editing mistakes and create an appealing final result. Time to hover down to the main details. 

Bad Lighting Conditions

Bad lighting conditions can significantly hinder the quality of the jewelry image. Uneven lighting will make it challenging to accurately isolate the jewelry from its background. Common mistakes in jewelry background removal is not focusing more on this thing. Always try to ensure proper lighting conditions for background removal afterwards.

Unwanted Reflection and Glare

Bad reflection and glare present significant challenges in jewelry background removal. It will directly affect the details, distort colors, and create distracting highlights. In total, the quality of the whole jewelry image will be compromised. Reflections of the camera and glare from the surroundings need to be avoided by all means. 

Using Low-End Camera

You need high quality images when you wish to remove background from a jewelry at ease. If you are using a low-end camera, then you will have limited capabilities in capturing fine details and colors accurately. The final jewelry image will have more noise and become harder for you to remove the background of the jewelry. 

Low-End Camera
Low-End Camera

Too Many Jewelry In One Piece

When there are too many jewelry pieces in a single image, background removal becomes complicated.It increases the chance of errors. In that case, common mistakes in jewelry background removal can be overlapped elements, and crowded compositions. Each piece will not receive the attention it deserves.

Not Giving Importance To Background 

Neglecting the background in jewelry photography can hamper the overall presentation. Right background selection will bring all the focus into your jewelry pieces. Carefully select backgrounds that complement and enhance the jewelry. Also, try to ensure that they don’t overshadow or clash with the main subject. 

Using The Wrong Lens 

You can get distorted perspectives, loss of details and compromised image quality when you are using the wrong lens. You need to know the mistakes to avoid in jewelry background removal to stay ahead of your competitors. Learn the use of wide-angle lens and macro lenses and use them accordingly. 

Camera Lens
Camera Lens

Not Clean 

Cleanliness in jewelry photography is very important. Even a small drop of dust or fingerprint can damage the whole presentation. You should carefully clean the jewelry and surrounding area before shooting. It will make the background removal task easier and save a lot of time. 

Lack Of Close Details 

Neglecting close-up details in jewelry photography can hinder background removal efforts. Jewelry editing mistakes will happen more often. Besides, the final images will look cheap even with the best background. You should always prioritize capturing close-up shots to highlight fine details.

Over-Editing Issue 

Over-editing in jewelry photography can lead to unnatural-looking images. It will make the background removal more challenging. High end jewelry retouching always keeps minimalistic  colors, textures, and reflections in the background. Aim for a balanced approach to edit, and preserve the authenticity of the jewelry. 

Not Clicked From Multiple Angles 

You need to click your jewelry images from different angles. Otherwise, you will have limited perspective for viewers and complicate background removal. Single angle may not fully showcase the dimensions, details, and sparkle. In this case, you may get a bad engagement even with the best background removal. 

Not Hiring Experts 

Background removal is very important for your jewelry presentation. If you are not so good with the work then you need to work with professional editors. You will find many high end jewelry background removal services at an affordable price. 

JewelryRetouch.co can be a great option for you. They are known for their high quality jewelry retouching services.  Give your jewelry presentation a professional look and enhance the visual appeal of your products.

Dull Focus 

Focus is very essential for your jewelry background removal. If you focus on the wrong element and remove the background, you will end up with a very low quality image. Errors in retouching will be more visible. Try to use appropriate aperture settings and focusing methods to ensure clarity and definition. 

Jewelry Image With Focus Issue
Jewelry Image With Focus Issue

Inappropriate White Balance 

White balance settings in jewelry photography are directly connected with color representation and background removal efforts. Common mistakes in jewelry background removal is that the amateur level editor has no knowledge about it. Carefully adjust white balance settings to accurately capture the true colors of the jewelry.

Using Wrong Props

If you use the wrong props in the jewelry photography then beauty and elegance of the piece will be less. Background removal will also get more complicated. Always select props that do not overpower or clash with the jewelry. The glamorous piece needs to be the main center of attraction. Take your time and choose the right pros for your jewelry.

Lack of Consistency 

Jewelry editing mistakes get bigger with the lack of consistency in the images. In this scenario, even the best background removal service will not be able to make the jewelry presentation glamorous. At the end, you will get a distorted look on your jewelry. Address the issue when clicking the pictures to have a smooth jewelry background removal experience. 

Clicked Very Few Photos

You need to have many photos in the cart so that you can choose the best jewelry photo to remove the background. Clicking very few photos will limit options for background removal and also reduce options for creative exploration. You should aim to shoot a diverse range of photos, including close-ups, different angles, and variations in lighting.

Jewelry Image
Jewelry Image

Tips To Avoid Common Mistakes in Jewelry Background Removal

Flawless background removal is essential in jewelry photography. It is a way to present your glamorous piece in the main focus light. Some of the tips to ensure a smooth and professional background removal process is shared below.

  • Use consistent lighting in all parts of the jewelry to minimize shadows and highlights.
  • Choose a neutral-colored background to simplify the editing process. 
  • Take photos of the jewelry from various angles to ensure you have multiple options for background removal.
  • Keep the camera stable with a tripod to maintain consistency in framing and composition.
  • Use professional editing software like Adobe Photoshop to precisely remove the background.


I tried to give you a clear idea about common mistakes in jewelry background removal. Hopefully, it will help you to avoid the unwanted mistakes in jewelry background editing. Never compromise with the quality when you are working with jewelry images. 

In this modern world, the online presence of jewelry brands needs to be more glamorous. Follow the best tips for removing jewelry background and increase your brand loyalty. Stay with us for more updates shortly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should jewelry have a black or white background?

The choice between a black or white background depends on the desired aesthetic and contrast of the jewelry photography. A white background will create a clean and bright look. On the other hand, a black background will sparkle to the gemstone of the jewelry. Experiment with different backgrounds to determine which complements the jewelry best.

How do you take good pictures of jewelry?

You can take stunning images of jewelry using diffused lighting to minimize glare and shadows. Besides, you can also take into use tripods for stability, and macro lenses for capturing close details. Also, pay attention to composition, angles, and reflections.

What background color makes gold jewelry pop?

Gold jewelry often pops well with the warm-toned backgrounds like beige or champagne. These colors enhance the richness and luster of the gold. Experiment with various background colors to find the perfect backdrop for your golden jewelry. 

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